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......... to The UK Australian Labradoodle Club, founded by Established and Experienced Breeders Raisdoodles, Manorborn and Doodledoos in 2005.


As Pioneering Breeders of the wonderful Pure Australian Service Dog, we believe in maintaining and upholding the Australian Service Dog Breed Standard by putting health screening and sound temperament first place.  Our long term experience in breeding the Australian Service Dog gives customers and new breeders alike, confidence and assurance that they are embarking on an enjoyable and rewarding journey.  The ASD captures hearts!


Our aim is to educate and evangelise the public about this wonderful breed and to provide useful contacts and links for both Australian Service Dog Breeders and prospective puppy purchasers alike. It's our desire to provide information that is PURE AND SIMPLE - easy to understand and with confidence that you are in the right place to find reputable and sound ASD Breeders of integrity, who are approachable and can offer helpful advice.

We are very much aware that finding a beautiful, healthy puppy from a reputable source can be a minefield, so we have put together some advice and tips to help prospective customers.


We hope you enjoy browsing through this site.

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